Scintillating St. Moritz

February 15, 2017 - Hotspot, Travel

We have the pleasure of publishing magazines in the most wonderful regions and this winter we hat once again the opportunity to visit one of our favourite places – St. Moritz in Switzerland.
It is not only one of the most luxurious hotspots but also just simply beautiful. No matter if it is summer or winter, even though it is mostly renowned as a winter destination for skiing and all sorts of winter sport activities, you can visit St. Moritz anytime.

But enough dwelling on the beauty of  St. Moritz (although this is a fact – non negotiable). I wanted to tell you about our short trip. First of all we stayed in one of the best hotels imaginable. The Suvretta House is a fairy-tale castle located in the magnificent Alpine landscape of the Upper Engadine, a little outside the city centre of St. Moritz.

I was not only mesmerized by the beautiful landscape overlooking the majestic mountains and the glistening lakes on the valley but also by the traditional ambience and the homey hospitality. You just feel very welcome, starting when you enter the hotel and are greeted by Esther and Peter Egli personally.

Further on, I just wandered around to be honest. Because when you stand at the reception you cannot stop looking at the lobby and the huge windows overlooking the wonderful landscape, which I talked about earlier. It is truly the heart of Suvretta House and I even had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of tea during a nice afternoon meeting. Because I was still there on business – mostly, if that is possible in an ambience like that or if you can even call it business. But more on my meetings a little later.

After an eight hour drive from Vienna and wandering around St. Moritz a bit and of course the hotel, I was pretty famished. And then I was in it for a treat. Dinner at the Grand Restaurant. As the name suggests already, it is truly grand. It is one of the only restaurants left with a dress code, so I put on a pretty black dress, uncomfortable high-heels and stepped into the true world of luxury. To say it in the words of the Suvretta House: « Soft lighting, superb panelling, artistically carved solid oak columns, and – above it all – an elaborately decorated cassette ceiling: The large dining room breathes history ». Because I was just in a loss of words.  And I haven’t even gotten my food yet!

The next day started with a wonderful breakfast – I know, more eating. But at hotels like these, you just wont get around to enjoy all the delicacies offered to you. Next to the perfect organized buffet, I ordered pancakes with berries. What a treat to start the day! Next I had to get ready for my next meeting. Since it was a beautiful day I decided to walk even though there is a Suvretta shuttle to get into town. Anyway of course I got lost and stood in the midst of the skiing slopes. But I always say, only the ones getting lost, truly see the world. So I got to see the beautiful winter scenery before I had to hurry to my meeting with the Tourismusverband Engadin St. Moritz. After we talked for a while, I had the pleasure of receiving a quick tour of the region around St. Moritz. The unspoilt nature is just simply fascinating. Especially the mountains, of course, but also the dreamlike lakes. Let me tell you – the scenery is fascinating and so definitely worth a visit. My next one is already planned in the summer.

Anyway. The Engadin is located in the south-eastern part of Switzerland and at the western end of the Eastern Alps, very close to the borders of Austria and Italy. I was most impressed by the many lakes, which I didn’t even know about. Of course there is the Lake St. Moritz, but not far you can find a chain of beauties like the Lake Silvaplana and the Lake Sils, famous for windsurfing for example. But I hope to tell you more about the wonderful region in the summer, since I was just there for a short time and only got a short glimpse at the true Engadin and its nature.

So after visiting the town of St. Moritz and walking around in the small winding alley ways beside one luxury boutique next to the other, I had a couple of hours to spend freely at the Suvretta House. Of course I had to visit the spa area. I was especially happy in the heated outdoor whirlpool overlooking the St. Moritz landscape and the hotel´s own ice skating rank.


After the relaxing hours spent at the spa area, there was another wonderful dinner scheduled. This time at the Suvretta Stube. The style here is very homey and easygoing and with Swiss specialties and popular Suvretta classis. Of course I cannot visit Switzerland without having the cheese fondue or raclette.

First I started with an amazing Beef Tatar Suvretta-Club before I indulged in my perfect Cheese fondue Suvretta House. I only made a bad cellphone picture, but I simply have to show you how the amazing last evening looked like before I headed back to Vienna.


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