Thailand Special – First Stop: Bangkok

February 21, 2017 - Travel

Finally I can share our wonderful trip to Thailand, which we took this January. The trip was such a wonderful experience with amazing luxury hotels, kind and beautiful culture and dreamlike landscapes. First stop – Bangkok.

After traveling for almost 24 hours, we couldn’t wait to go to the hotel, shower and relax for a bit. And we couldn’t have imagined a better place than the Como Metropolitan Hotel Bangkok. We arrived and were greeted so nicely and welcoming, not even to mention the tasty drink we got to freshen up during our check-in. Afterwards we had some time to relax in our cosy Metropolitan room and then I had the pleasure of receiving a tour through the hotel and enjoy a real Thai lunch at the glow restaurant. The hotel offered some of the most famous Thai specialties for us to try, which was the way to get to know the cuisine and being welcomed in Thailand. At glow we had not only a great Thai but also a very Como-like experience – the so called Como Shambhala kitchen, which is served in every Como hotel as a true delicious and healthy cuisine. 

After lunch we thought about checking out the city, but we felt so comfortable at the beautiful hotel that we decided on relaxing at the pool and spa area since we were pretty jetlagged. Coming from -15 degrees to +30 was overwhelming, but when we were lying by the pool and it was getting dark, we felt so lucky. But it was time to get ready to go to dinner.

That night we had the possibility to enjoy dinner at one of Bangkok’s best restaurants – nahm. First we ordered some signature Thai cocktails. Then we decided on the chef´s menu, which means that the chef is choosing dishes for you. And we were so incredibly happy with it. It was a great mix of spicy with meats and fish and vegetables.

Some of my favourite dishes were steamed red curry scallops, clear soup with roasted duck and stir-fried beef with chilli. But these were only a few of my favourites.

The next day we decided on a market tour. Since it was the weekend, the Chatuchak market was open, the biggest market in Bangkok. And now I am sure you imagine a really big market, but you imagining it too small – think bigger. I definitely underestimated it. From shoes to candles to toys to food – you will find everything here. But you will also definitely be overwhelmed.

Close to the Chatuchak market, you can find the high-qualtity food market Or Tor Kor. I even tried the famous stinky fruit called "durian". Once. Did not try it again after that.

But even though we were very tired after our day, we decided to follow one of our plans – to get custom-made dresses and suits. There are so many places that offer custom-made, and we were pretty lucky to find a trustworthy place in the beginning that also sent all our choices home so that we didn’t have to take it to the rest of our vacation.

We actually did really want to ckeck out one of the famous sky bars to overlook Bangkok at night and enjoy a nice sundowner, but the weather was not the best. Especially in the evening and at night it was always raining so we were very sad not to be able to check out the sky bars. Maybe next time.

The next day the real tour of Bangkok started. We went to see so many pretty sights such as Wat Saket (the Golden Mountain), the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (the Reclining Buddha) and last but not least, Ankor Wat (Temple of Dawn), which was sadly being renovated, but we have seen so many temples that day so that we didn’t feel the need to go in. We took a ferry boat on the river and then headed back to the hotel before our next journey started. But more on that on the next post....


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