Thailand Special – Second Stop: Koh Kood

February 22, 2017 - Travel

As said in the last post, after three nights in Bangkok our journey continued. First we flew with a very, very small plane to the also very small island of Koh Kood.


The journey itself was already an experience – just looking over the water and the many small islands. Simply beautiful. But then we already landed on one of the small islands. It was full of palm trees, but other than that it only had a runway. At the runway we were greeted by out Ms. Friday, Asal. She was like our guardian angel, helping us to find our way around, explaining to us the concept of the island and our itinerary. She was not only really kind and welcoming, but also extremely reliable and we felt very well taken care of. She brought us to our Beach Pool Villa Suite – Villa Nr. 5. I honestly have to say, once we stepped inside we felt like in a dream. We had our own swimming pool and our own beach access. The villa is built very openly with a separate master bedroom and various large terraced areas with sun loungers. It has about 400 square metres with a separate master bedroom, walk through dressing area and a bathroom with an outdoor vanity, shower and bath. But pictures say more than a thousand words. And if you don’t believe me, you have to check it out yourself.


After we settled into our new perfect luxury home, we already had our first appointment on our itinerary – make our own coconut oil. I personally am a huge fan of coconuts. To eat, drink or as beauty products. To see how coconut oil is made and learn so much about coconuts themselves was a great experience. I truly learned a lot and from that moment on, could not stop drinking young coconut. After cooking the coconut meat and smelling the amazing smell, we started to get pretty hungry. We went home to get ready for our scheduled dinner at The View. We left a little earlier so that we can enjoy the view from the bar´s terrace before heading to the dining area. To enjoy my favourite cocktail – any type of daiquiri, in this case mango daiquiri – in front of such a beautiful setting could not have been more perfect. The food the The View was amazing as well, local products, which are cooked with Western techniques.



The next day we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. Soneva Kiri offers something like a raw bar with fruits and vegetables and you choose whatever you want – the breakfast staff then produces smoothies, salads or whatever comes to mind. That is how healthy eating becomes easy. And then I found out about the cheese room. Well.... there went the healthy eating. Soneva Kiri produces its own cheese – and I mean who doesn´t love cheese. But you were also able to order anything from the menu – from healthy juices to pancakes or any type of egg. Needless to stay I did not want to leave. But we had another appointment, which I was very excited about. We went snorkelling to the Koh Rang National Park. One of the view places left untouched. And since Soneva Kiri has its own island time, which starts an hour before Bangkok time, we were the only ones there. A short boat ride of 20 minutes takes you to small islands to seek out rock formations and underwater wildlife. Time flies underwater and an hour was gone way to quickly. But I was so happy and amazed by the coral gardens and fish that seem to follow you everywhere. But it was time to check out the famous North Beach and we were excited to spend some quite hours at the beach. Once we reached it, we couldn´t believe our eyes. It was just us and the water was so clear you could make out every little piece of sand. And fish. I think most of our pictures came from that place – one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.


The following day started with breakfast, of course, and then a massage at the Six Senses Spa. I enjoyed a relaxing massage with coconut oil, of course. A must when you visit the resort. In the early afternoon we had another appointment scheduled – a special Eco Tour through the Soneva Kiri Eco Den. To Soneva Kiri it is very important to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The garden is not only full of growth and fresh products but also made to recycle what was used on the island, from water to plastic bottles and glass. Such a wonderful idea and an amazing thing to see.


Since it was a full moon that night, Soneva Kiri offered dinner at The Living Room. Tables under the stars and the full moon filled only by candle light. The food was once again amazing, and I am so sorry that I can not remember what I ate most of the time. But the menus seem to change all the time, depending on the season and products. I just remember my first course with a delicious spicy shrimp. So wonderful food in an even more wonderful ambience – the days just kept getting better and better.

Our Mrs. Friday, Asal, told us to check our The Observatory, which was very close to our dining area and which showed an amazing view of the moon. And oh she was right. I have never seen the moon like that and probably never will again – almost as if you could touch it. The prefect picture before going to bed and dream – of another day at this wonderful resort.


In the morning of the next day, we didn’t start with breakfast but with a wellness screening. First I didn’t really know what to make of it, but the conversation and the results from the test, which is not medical and no blood samples are used, were very inspiring and mind opening. This personal consultation uses advanced technology which analyses key physiological biomarkers of health, including body composition, metabolism, oxygen distribution, and heart function and circulation, as well as stress parameters. The results are used to prepare a wellness program specific to your individual needs. All the results are sent to your e-mail so that you have the results with you and can make changes at home as well.

But after it was time for breakfast. Dieting and detox would start later. Or at home. Anyway. We had another couple of hours at North Beach (again: amazing, wonderful, beautiful, dreamlike – you name it) before we headed to High Teat the Tree Pod. An exclusive dining experience offered by Soneva Kiri for an intimate get-together surrounded by nature. And even monkeys sometimes. Sadly not this day. But we had amazing food and an even more amazing view of the Gulf and the sun.

©Pau Raeside


After a day full of experiences, we found ourselves at a new dining hotspot – the Ever Soneva So Spirited. One thing I noticed that night was, that we were almost alone again. The resort is just so big and diverse so that the guests almost never run into each other. Some people like to enjoy the privacy of their villa and some eat dinner at all the different restaurants at different times. The resort is so very flexible in that way, that we saw the guests mostly at breakfast or so, but other than that you can go a week with enjoying meals very exclusively. Another thing to love about Soneva Kiri. When will that stop, I wondered. Well definitely not that night, because after dinner I had one of my favourite experiences that week – Forrest Gump. No I did not see Tom Hanks. And yes I have seen the movie many times before, but never like this. We had the pleasure of visiting Cinema Paradiso – an open-air cinema of a special kind. Here you can watch classics under the stars – event rent the cinema for private screenings if you want to – while eating popcorn and drinking cocktails. The screen itself lies over the waters of the reservoir lagoon and therefore ensures for its own soundtrack sometimes. Since it was raining almost every evening and night that week, we did not have high hopes that it would be open, but it seemed as the other guests thought the same. Because again we were by ourselves and the evening was simply beautiful with no rain. I will definitely not forget that experience.

©Paul Raeside


The last day has arrived and we had a great tour planned to experience the island of Koh Kood. It is Thailand’s fourth largest but least populated island surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest and white beaches. First we started at the Ao Salad village on the northeastern coast. One of the oldest settlements on the island, this Thai fishing village built on stilts offers glimpses of life as it is lived day to day throughout our home. We continued through the jungle to see two majestic trees and learn about the eco system on the island. My personal favourite was the visit to one of the many waterfalls, which I sadly cannot remember the name of. It is not that well known and so we were again the only once on site. Since it was the middle of dry season there was almost no water and we couldn’t jump in, but we saw the where the water usually goes during rain season and that must be a true sight. I mean it was already so beautiful, but just imagining the water streaming down – it must be beautiful.

I always like getting to know the area where I am staying and the Koh Kood Discovery Trip is perfect for that. A three hour tour – and when there are not too many people you can even say what you would like to see the most and the tour will get more individual. For us it was the perfect last day since we also got to spend a little bit of time at North Beach. To say goodbye. And cry. A little bit.


The last night we spent at Kun Benz restaurant, which is located outside the resort but still belongs to Soneva Kiri. It can be reached by boat, which I recommend everyone. You can see the sunset over the ocean and experience a boat ride into the jungle since the restaurant is located all by its lonesome right inside the jungle. Here we reseived our favourite finger food to start your meal – Miang Kum. You receive leaves that you can fill freely with chilli, ginger, dried shrimp, coconut, peanuts, shallots and some type of sweet sauce or chutney. The menu here changes every night and the service is impeccable. We had such a nice staff member, who explained all our meals to us, showed us how to eat Miang Kum and laughed with us about some differences between Europe and Thailand. It was the perfect last night.

Even though we were very sad to leave, we were also excited for our next adventure, which started the next day with two more plane rides. But for more you have to wait for the next blog post.

©Antonina Gern


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