Fine Tasting

April 26, 2017 - Hotspot, Events, Gourmet

The old Europe is reborn at The Bank Bar in Vienna with cosmopolitan charm. All the currencies such as peso, quetzal, pound, francs, which appear from a time long gone, experience their revival as extremely delicate signature drinks, created by Bartender of the year 2016, Stefan Bauer and his cosmopolitan team. The Schilling is an exquisite creation from Williamsbrand and Kaiserschmarrn, apple sauce, cinnamon raisin syrup and Verjus, or the Escudo, consisting of Ramos Pinto, cocoa liquor, orange and lemon juice, give us a taste of the respective country in a very charming way.

Even the menu is not simply a menu but an experience. It is held together with forms of different currencies by a money clip.

A creative and sensual way to taste your way through Europe. But it is not just the refined recipes of the different cocktails that make you want to taste your way through Europe, but also the noble and refined atmosphere of an old school hotel.


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