Visiting magical Morocco

June 14, 2016 - Travel

Morocco knows how to take its visitors’ breath away – voluptuous mountains, deserts and coastlines with radiant colours and its enticing scents, cultural riches and culinary specialties. In April Publishing Group Deluxe had the pleasure  of visiting the soul of two of Morocco’s most spiritual and royal cities.

The first destination was the beautiful, royal city of Fès wich enthrals you with its great weather, rich history and culture as well as its thousand-year-old traditions. Even today, twelve years after its founding in 789, the former capital city of Morocco has managed to preserve its historical origins. Enormous restoration works were implemented in 1981 and the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city tour began in its lively Medina  (which means as much as Old Town), with its old architecture, thousands of streets and venerable buildings, such as the Moulay Idris mausoleum, that of the city’s founder, as well as the oldest university in the world – the Qarawiyin mosque. Further must-see sights in Medina include the Bou Inania Madrasa, the world’s oldest religious school and the El-Attarine Madrasa, where the walls, formed from wood and clay, are covered with Suras from the Koran. Its charming souks are also a must-see with its tiny, numerous stands that are an absolute pleasure for all senses. Alongside rich colours, its hustle and bustle and its fragrant smells, you will feel you have been catapulted into a different world for a few hours. Towers of goods ranging from dates to the finest textiles and shoes, all the way to excellent leather goods, can be found, seen and purchased here. The second evening was spent in the incomparable five-star Sahrai hotel with views over the largest Medina in the Arabic region. The exclusive hotel successfully combines modern design with local traditions and pampers guests with delicious Moroccan treats. The next day we enjoyed an exciting cooking-course at the Riad Fès Relais & Châteaux. This wonderful hotel, at the heart of the city, offers the most wonderful Moroccan architecture and charme – in their rooms as well as their wellness oasis and the stylish bar outside. But there is almost nothing better than the view from the terrace over the Medina of Fès, where we indulged in the delicacies prepared with the help of the wonderful kitchen team. Thesound of the call to prayer in the background accompanied these unforgettable moments. After the wonderful and delicious meal, the next journey to the Moroccan royal city of Rabar began, where we discovered yet another magical five star hotel, the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses.

The last day was spent on the Atlantic Coast in the modern city of Rabat, Morocco’s capital. The city, with its Arabic and Muslim history has also been influenced by western modernity and offers many architectonic highlights such as the Ville Nouvelle, designed and built under the French protectorate from 1912 to the 1930’s, inclusive of the royal residence, the Colonial administration building, residential areas a shopping quarter and a Botanic Garden. The Ville Nouvelle is one of the largest and most ambitious 20th Century urban development projects in Africa. Its oldest entity is the Hassan Mosque as well as the Almohad fortress stone wall and gates. Rabat is a truly beautiful mixture between tradition and modernity and has proven to be a lively and cosmopolitan city. King Mohammed VI is a strong supporter of Rabat’s culture and endeavours to sensitize people to art, culture and Moroccan history with his « Rabat Ville Lumière, Culture Capital » platform and thereby aids the city’s cultural scene. Examples of this are demonstrated during a visit to the Museum Mohammed VI for Modern and Contemporary Art and the National Library. The museum’s building lies at the heart of the capital city and has been designed according to Andalusian style architecture. Here, alongside the work of talented local artists, numerous exhibits derived from partnerships with other museums in the world, such as that with the Louvre in Paris, can be found. For lunch, we enjoyed the Moroccan gourmet pleasures served at the modern Boutique Hotel Diyafa, where our taste buds were  pampered with a dose of Moroccan hospitality. The modern Boutique hotel lies in a quiet area where the most luxurious service can be found and enjoyed – from the exclusive spa with a state-of-the-art fitness area and long outside pool, to the spacious rooms with a small garden, where the last rays of sunshine can be enjoyed in the evening.
Later in the evening, our unforgettable journey came to an end with a magical dinner at the traditional La Tour Hassan in the heart of this wonderful city.

No trip to Morocco seems long enough to fully enjoy its art, culture, history and hospitality. It will definitely not be your last trip to this wonderful country.



June 22, 2016

What a journey! I'd love to visit Morocco soon.

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